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Last week, I’ve decided to take over the famous Archey project.
For those who don’t know anything about it, Archey is a Linux tool written in Python, which print some system information beside the logo of the installed distribution (displayed in ASCII), in your terminal.
Archey was first designed and realized for Arch Linux only systems, but has been made compatible with other distributions.

But why ?

  • I’ve figured out that the project is just outdated

  • The “re-writing” promised by the author 3 years ago is still not here

  • The dozens of forks :

    1. … have changed the original form of the code [AND / OR]

    2. … are still written against Python 2 [AND / OR]

    3. … do not handle other OS aside Arch Linux [AND / OR]

    4. … are not maintained… either :confused:

What is the final purpose ?

I commit myself to review each issue or pull request opened on the GitHub project.
The idea is about providing technical support in order to improve and maintain this piece of code, keeping it viable and working in the future, with newer system versions.