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On a new Raspberry (but sometimes elsewhere unfortunately), you’re able to connect through SSH directly with the root session. We’ll disable it, for security purposes.

Run this command :

# nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

… find the line:


Replace the yes by no.

It’ll be impossible to connect through this session, don’t forget to check that another session is existing (with a password you know) :wink:

You can also change the default port of SSH.
In the same file, find:


Put another value instead of 22, and write it down somewhere unless you’ll have to nmap your device to retrieve it :rofl:

Now, reload the SSH daemon to parse and apply the new configuration :

# service sshd reload

Now you’ll have to connect with :


If you need to copy some files from it, you’ll have to use scp as below :

$ scp -P PORT SESSION@PI_IP:/path/to/your_remote_file /path/on/your/host